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Blueberry Cheesecake Brownies- (and some bitterness about orthodontics)

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If it were not for the aesthetic stream of the orthodontic sciences I would fall much higher on society’s hierarchy of beauty. A set of naturally straight teeth (well, mostly straight) is one of the very few advantages I have in the arena of attractiveness. Or, it would have been if metal, porcelain and pliers could not now be used to fashion a pretty smile out of even the most poorly arranged mouths.  What a cheat! Continue reading


Rosewater, Raspberry and White Chocolate Vacherin (Meringue Cake)

DSC_0650 (2)

Can you believe this thing? It’s monstrously pretty I’m am a tiny bit concerned that I might have used up all my femininity in creating this tower of floral pinkness. Although, this is unlikely given that I am also excitedly considering knitting myself a jersey that looks very much like this vacherin (or perhaps it would make for a sensational hat).

It’s perfect for Mother’s Day, no?

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Orange, Cardamom, Pear and Ricotta Cheesecake: Salvation after Over Doing Things a Bit

Pear, Ricotta and Cardamom CheesecakeAfter  you turn 30 hangovers are truly brutal. Today’s was made up of all kinds of the cruelest symptoms: shakiness, insomnia, shame induced cringing, a sort of energetic kind  of guilt and the taste of how I imagine the floor of a seedy bar to taste in my mouth.

My face is an ashtray.

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A Baking Conversion Chart that will Break your Heart :

eggs ml grams
1 45ml 50g
½ 22.5ml 25g
1/3 15ml (1Tbsp) 17g
1/6 7.5ml (1 ½ tsp) 8.3g
1/12 3.75ml (3/4tsp) 4g

Anyone who is both a recreational baker and a little bit lonely will already know just why this baking conversion chart can be so troubling. They would have pieced it together by now. There is only one possible use for this chart and that is small (to tiny)-batch baking.

Lonely bakers struggle with eggs. Recipes are generally easy to scale down to suit a“quieter lifestyle” – a quick bit of maths will do it. But when your lifestyle is particularly quiet and you are scaling down by a significant amount then you land up with fractions of eggs and a fraction of an egg is hardly useful.

The loneliest day of my life, I would guess, is the day I entered the following phrase into google:

“How much is 1/6th of an egg?”

Any person who asks this question is likely to be building up to one the most poignant activities you can do as a recreational baker. Your see, your average cupcake recipe makes 12 cupcakes and uses 2 eggs. And so the person asking this question is, almost certainly, arming themselves with the knowledge required to bake a single cupcake.

I made a single cupcake that day, hell, I even decorated it. Lonely people get to bake and enjoy cup-cakes too. As long they have their mathematics in order and the courage to do it. I’m glad that I was lonely and baked a single cupcake, its far better than just being lonely.

A parting note for the lonely and the brave amongst my readers: to make one cupcake you are probably going to need about 7.5ml of beaten egg.