Nutella and Banana Baklava

Nutella, banana, baklava, phyllo, pastry, recipeWhat these Banana and Nutella Baklava lack in sophistication they make up for in joy. The little fellas are so delicious and so easy to make that I have chosen to overlook the ugliness of the photos and share this post anyway.

The only difficult part of the recipe is stopping yourself from polishing off the jar of Nutella before your pastry has thawed. For a more “spirtual” discussion of Nutella please see take a look at Nutella and the Abyss.

Nutella, banana, baklava, phyllo, pastry, recipe

I shouldn’t have put chocolate over the top of these, they were perfectly fine with a slice of banana (cut on the diagonal) marking each square. I also should have cut them far smaller and into triangles but I’m afraid greediness got the better of me (a battle I lose daily).


1 Package Pyhllo Pastry

1 large jar Nutella

150g melted butter

4 bananas sliced very finely on the diagonal

100g roughly chopped hazelnuts

Some sugar for sprinkling

Just how much of these material you use will depend on the size of you baking your baking tray.

Nutella, banana, baklava, phyllo, pastry, recipe


Cut 14 sheets of Phyllo pastry to size. You can also fold them. Remember to cover the sheets with a damp cloth while you work to stop them from drying out.

Layer four sheets of the Phyllo pastry into the bake tray (you need one with walls) brushing each sheet with butter as you go. Spread the top of the fourth sheet of the pastry with Nutella followed by a layer of banana pieces (keep this sparse if you would like to emphasise Nutella flavour) and a sprinkling of hazelnuts.

Repeat the process on top of this.

For the final layer use six sheets of the Phyllo pastry instead of four (still brushing each sheet with butter). Cut you baklava now into triangles (I forgot to do this). Then top each triangle with a piece of banana and sprinkled with sugar.

Bake in a pre-heated oven at 180 C for about an hour, until the top looks golden and you are almost brought to tears by its beauty. Serve warm or at room temperature and be very suspicious of anyone who refuses one when you offer it.

Nutella, banana, baklava, phyllo, pastry, recipe


6 thoughts on “Nutella and Banana Baklava

  1. Sam

    This looks all kinds of amazing. When I lived in Thailand I got hooked on the delicious (standard tourist issue) Banana-Nutella pancakes. This reminds me of them, but ten billion times better. Woah woah woah. And chopped hazelnuts too! How glorious!


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