Blueberry Cheesecake Brownies- (and some bitterness about orthodontics)

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If it were not for the aesthetic stream of the orthodontic sciences I would fall much higher on society’s hierarchy of beauty. A set of naturally straight teeth (well, mostly straight) is one of the very few advantages I have in the arena of attractiveness. Or, it would have been if metal, porcelain and pliers could not now be used to fashion a pretty smile out of even the most poorly arranged mouths.  What a cheat! This development puts those of us, whose fair-share of natural of beauty has been distributed mostly around our oral cavity, at quite a disadvantage. Women with more evenly distributed good looks, but  whose beauty would have been made less obvious  in the absence of these  artificial improvements, are now outshining us with neater faces than are naturally owed to them.

I can’t really blame those parents that have their children improved in this way. We do want our darling creations to look their very best. This is what I wanted for my precious blueberry cheesecake brownies. They came out the oven tasting superb but looking sad and dull. This wouldn’t do for my dearests, so I pulled out all the stops , cheating all the way, to get them looking as handsome as they do in the pictures. They are little lies really, because they have far more handsomeness than what is naturally owed to them.

blueberry cheesecake brownies

This Brownie has a layer of blueberry cheesecake batter baked on top of it.

How exciting!

I used my favourite brownie recipe (moist and dark) but reduced it by 1/3 to make room for the cheesecake. (My favourite brownie recipe happens to be this cocoa only brownie recipe by Alton Brown: )

Use the good cocoa it matters as much as they say it does. (How, I wish it was just foodie mumbo-jumbo).

For the blueberry cheesecake layer, I mixed 500g of cream cheese, with a few Tbsps of blueberry purée then added some icing sugar to taste and just a tiny dash of vanilla. I then mixed in 1 ½ eggs and a few handfuls of whole blueberries. I poured the mixture over the brownie mix and baked as asked for in the Brownie recipe.

The result: So delicious but a little bit ugly. I think next time I might bake the brownies then set some fridge cheesecake over the top, a cheesecake that looks something like this would do very well indeed:

While ordinarily I would never even consider anything quite as offensive as an unbaked cheesecake (a sin against both cheese and cakes), I think in this case the vibrant colour makes room for allowances.

To disguise the ugliness of the poor dears I used the following ingredients:

50g white chocolate

75g roughly chopped pistachio nuts

The petals of 4 chrysanthemums (food grade)

Melt the chocolate and drizzle it over the brownies off the end of a spoon, sprinkle the white chocolate splattered brownies with the petals and the nuts. What you will land up with is something quite attractive, although, it probably doesn’t deserve to be so.

blueberry, cheesecake, brownie


3 thoughts on “Blueberry Cheesecake Brownies- (and some bitterness about orthodontics)

  1. Sam

    Well your cheating drew me in, salivating. These look incredible! I feel your pain, teeth-wise. I got to shine all through high-school with a gleaming mouth free of metal, and now it’s just the norm.

  2. Steve

    Oh, Lu, there’s much, much more to you than mouth…brain for openers, but then Nico would not have declared you “hot” simply on those two attributes. Ride is treating me most respectfully…I’ll send you my latest non-blog for the magazine but I still think you’re the “writer” in the family and will, one day, be celebrated widely for your talent. Did I tell you that Aunty Rika reads your blog and is a fan?

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