40 Minute Knitting Project: A very easy and obscenely gratifying snood

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This week-end I discovered that the tear-jerking Dove campaign, “You are More Beautiful Than You Think You Are” will have little relevance for women wearing their own home-made snoods. I made one this week-end (my first knitting project since childhood) and I couldn’t possibly think of myself as better looking. It was difficult for me to find time to write this post between modelling it up and down the streets of Cape Town (with my best best beauty- queen- wave) and bullying my loved ones into helping me immortalise it in photographs. I have been greeting strangers, visiting old friends and attending all kinds of social events that I would ordinarily avoid- a traveling exhibition of my tube of knitting.

“Look at my snood, my snood is amazing”.

DSC_0507 (2)

I am now thoroughly over-stimulated by all the “wooly” excitement (I expect I will collapse into an exhausted heap just as soon as I have finished typing this). My only regret is that I got a little bit carried away in the specialty wool shop (when shopping for this project). The sight of all that wool was overwhelming and sent me into a bit of a wild-eyed fit of admiration. I spent hours in there, waving balls of wool in front of the faces of my fellow craft shoppers, demanding that they acknowledge the beauty and importance of each variation in yarn. I’m afraid to say that I ran, ever so slightly, amok. Thankfully my snood is so handsome that since it’s creation my dignity has been thoroughly restored.

It took me just 40 minutes to knit the snood. It was unbelievably quick- I spent the first half of an episode of Columbo (one of the early, good ones) making it and the other half wearing it- completing it just as the murderer was beginning to notice that Columbo is not as incompetent as he seems (a happy intersection of two of the finest moments of my week-end).

I am deeply in love with my snood, and even more in love with myself, for making it.  Is it possible to dress entirely in knitted snoods of various sizes? In time my wardrobe might, like the internet, consist in a series of tubes.

Now, I realise that it took barely any skill to construct the thing and that, for this reason, the following instructions might well constitute the obvious, but I have chosen to state them nonetheless:


huge knitting needles (15mm) and

50g of very thick but soft (and colourful) wool. This was my choice:


These tools made things spectacularly easy. I suspect that the wool shop assistant was being sensitive to my obvious knitting naivety when he prescribed them to me.


It took just 14 stitches to get the width of 25cm. I just carried on knitting in stocking stitch until it was long enough (about the whole ball of wool) to fit around my neck (leaving just enough room to gape while still staying quite upright), about 50 cm. I used a thread of the left over wool to sew up the ends.


If you are new to knitting, like me then here are a few links to help you with the only 3 techniques I used to make this snood:


If you are feeling knitty, and are in Cape Town, then the Orion Wool shop in Oranjezicht is the place to go. There have impressive variety, friendly regulars and they are graciously tolerant of wild fits of wool admiring.

Here are their details: http://www.orionwool.co.za/

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